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Media relations

Media and audiences are changing and rapidly evolving. Our up-to-date press cabinet is adapted to media’s new reality:

  • Use of new technologies.
  • New formats and communications tools.
  • Messages adapted to the target groups.
  • Use of a wide diversity of channels.
  • A customised and personalised relationship with the media professionals.

See a practical example Media relations

“An adequate presence in the media brings the desired results”

  • Positioning and message strategy
  • Informational contents (press dossier, press releases and communicates, opinion articles, interviews, updating websites, etc.)
  • Contacts with the media (databases, an ongoing and personalised contact with the media, organisation of press conferences, meetings with journalists, etc.)
  • Preparation of public interventions (speeches, conferences, etc.)
  • Personalised clipping service
  • Coaching to directors and spokesmen
  • Own management software
  • New message formats: video communicates, audio downloadable files, etc.