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Sponsorship and patronage

Some activities tell everything about a brand. CLOTET helps you identify these activities and to manage them strategically in order to add value to your target group. We apply to sponsorship and patronage strict communications criteria.

Drawing from our experience in this field, we advise non-for-profit organisations on how to find the founding they need to undertake their projects.

Corporate sponsorship opportunities

See a practical example Fundraising

“Give an impulse to your brand image”

  • Design of sponsorship programs
  • Prepare the policy of economic and product/service contributions
  • Supervision and coordination of the sponsorship program
  • Summaries of the results
  • Permanent advice and consulting
  • Detect investment opportunities
  • Ad-hoc communication policies


  • Design and definition of fundraising programs
  • Definition and management of the contributions
  • Negotiation and signing of agreements
  • Intermediation, secretariat for the sponsorship program